We love to learn new things and each time we enter the kitchen our hope is to find a better, more efficient, more delicious way to prepare and serve whatever is on the day’s menu. So here are some of our favorite resources for advice, tips, and tricks.

Epicurious Conversions & Equivalents – an awesome tool for converting just about anything. there are dozens of conversion charts and online calculators, but in our opinion this one reigns supreme. With a superior, user-friendly design and an extremely versatile functionality, this tool is all you need to ensure your measurements are 100% accurate.

BBC Seasonality Table – a great resource for determining which fruits & vegetables, meats & and seafoods are in season. An easy to read, year-round look at which ingredients will best suit your needs.

Ingredient Substitution Chart – found on, this chart is a very comprehensive list of common substitutions in cooking and baking. VERY useful when you find yourself short on an ingredient, especially if you’ve already started cooking!